Why Responsive Mobile Websites Are Critical To Your Business’s Survival

As a growing number of people use mobile devices to perform daily tasks, it is becoming very clear that mobile phone usage is superseding internet surfing. Everyday tasks that can easily be carried out on a laptop are being performed on a mobile device, from checking emails and shopping online to browsing through social media websites.

In light of the increase in mobile usage it is vital that your website is compl

etely compatible with mobile devices, including iPads, smartphones and other tablets. This improves image building and ensures that your SEO campaign is effective. To successfully achieve this you need to take advantage of responsive web design.


What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design enables your website to work fluidly from one device to another. Your website has been designed so that no matter what device it is being used on, the images, structure and content remain identical.
For example when a client accesses your website from their laptop, they are given a full view of that site. At the same time, if that user then decides to view your site from their mobile phone the website adapts accordingly to fit on a smaller sized screen.

Why Responsive Web Design?

Mobile usage is on the rise and according to reports from Smart Insights more than 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device. In the USA a whopping 25% of internet users only use the internet from their mobile device, while 25.8% of all emails are accessed through mobile.

Further to the above, Google have also suggested that responsive web design is more efficient and practical, as it enables Google to crawl and index just one website as opposed to two or three for each device. With just one URL it is easier for viewers to share your content and engage with it, ultimately boosting the potential number of views it has.
With this in mind it is vital that you have a website that is user-friendly and accessible from a complete range of mobile devices. Otherwise you run the risk of losing current and potential clients.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Web Design?

One of the greatest benefits of responsive design is that there is no need to have different websites operating for each of the available devices. It simply consolidates one site for all devices. Other benefits include:

  • A potential increase in conversion rates
  • An enhanced user experience
  • Enables businesses to improve their brand strategy
  • Allows for the management of a single SEO campaign, instead of multiple campaigns for each device
  • Responsive Web Design keeps you Ahead of the Competition

For a business to thrive it needs to stay ahead of the competition. To do this you need to ensure that your clients can access your site at any time and from any device with little to no complications. Your mobile site must be appealing, clean and as good as (if not better than) your desktop version to increase conversions and boost revenue.